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Corporate Supporters

Raman Technologies, Inc. is a provider of Agile Coaching and Training services. Raman Technologies is building an ALM cloud hosted tool, Cognosco, to manage Agile projects with offline capability via mobile and tablet apps. The next version will extend Cognosco for Lean Kanban in Practice. Users will be able to implement System Thinking Approach To Introducing Kanban (STATIK), facilitate Kanban teams based on core practices like visualization, WIPs, flow, policies, feedback, and improved collaboration. Calculations for Little's law, cumulative flow, lead time histogram, and flow efficiency. We are happy to support the Lean Kanban APAC Community and look forward to meeting people at future conferences!

Ritz-Carlton operates 84 luxury hotels and resorts in major cities and resorts in 26 countries worldwide. We are excited to work with the Ritz Carlton brand to host our Asia Pacific Conferences.

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